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Welcome, Heroes, to the Final Frontier.

This fleet is for former City of Heroes players looking for a place to call home in the final frontier. Established during the launch of Star Trek Online, former CoH players and new recruits work together to create a new community among the stars, and protect the Federation along the way.

This site is also used for our Klingon Fleet, the Arachnos Armada, as well as our Romulan allies.
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Arachnos Armada T3 Shipyards

Lord_Nightblade, Jul 13, 13 8:54 PM.
Hey everyone, as of this morning work has begun on the Armada's T3 shipyard. Donate what you can spare!

Work begins on Tier IV Shipyards; New Dilithium Mine holding opens; Risa Summer Event begins!

archabaddon, Jun 27, 13 6:37 PM.
A quick update on what's happening with the fleet:

We've begun work on the Tier 4 Shipyard, which will open up new Fleet versions of ships for Fleet members. Currently, the main asset we need is Dilithium, so donate if you have some to spare! Click here more info on the Fleet Advancement System and info on the Tier IV Shipyard.

Also, with the latest update the new Dilithium Mine holding for Fleets is open, with the same type of tier system as the Embassy. Upgrading this holding will give access to advanced Warp Cores, so pitch in when you can! More info on this new holding here. 

Finally, today starts the STO Summer Event with dance parties, floater flying, and more on Risa. Click here for all the information on this event! (And if you're having problems with emote spam on the dance floor, check out this link!)

Carry on, Fleet!

Latest "Ask Cryptic" article clarifies upcoming Romulan characters & fleets

archabaddon, Apr 5, 13 12:40 PM.
In the latest Ask Cryptic, Dan Stahl clarifies that new Romulan characters created in the upcoming Legacy of Romulus expansion will not form their own fleets, and will instead join Federation or Klingon fleets at a certain juncture in their story. This being the case, the Romulan Fleet Name vote has been taken down, as new Romulan characters can simply join the PEF or Arachnos Armada when Season 8 launches next month.

You can read more on the "Ask Cryptic" article here.
You can join our forum discussion on this topic here.

New global channel

Lord_Nightblade, Oct 8, 12 1:25 AM.
Hi all. To make things a bit easier in terms of cross fleet communication, I went ahead and created the CoX STO global channel. This should make teaming for cross-faction stuff, like STFs, easier as well as make it easier for people to chat about STO in general. Non-fleet members are also welcome.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Draugadan, Oct 1, 12 12:54 PM.
We're getting the site customized slowly but surely! There's already chat happening on the forums too, so check back often to get the latest scoop on fleet activities!
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Because voice chat is natively supported in STO, there's no need for any additional voice chat servers. See more info at:
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